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Lowell Little League

5600 E. Terrace Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46203

(317) 222-9759

Golf Ball Drop 2010

Looking for the winning number.

Cleaning them up is so much fun.

Photos courtesy of Jaime Fogle and In The Moment Photography



It means the world to us.  The generous support of local businesses, individual donors and volunteers are vital to Lowell Little League.  Without which, we could not offer sports programming at the economical fees that we do.  The program actually costs in excess of $150 per child annually.

Without continued fundraising efforts, we will not be able to grow and improve the facilities and programs at the Little League.

If you or your company would like to sponsor a team at Lowell, contact us at

It is with great resourcefulness and hard work that things get done at Lowell. Many people have contributed their time, talents, and business services to the League.

We have several different sponsorship levels ranging from corporate sponsorships to individual sponsorships.  You can choose to sponsor anything from one child to an entire field.  We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Click the link below for one of our sponsorship forms.Lowell Little League sponsorship.pdf (181321) 


Photo Gallery: Fundraising and Sponsors

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